Humpty-Dumpty, a Troll, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar

August 10, 2010 at 3:47 pm (Fairy Tales, Humor, Nursery Rhyme)

Humpty-Dumpty was not very tall

So Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall

Along came a troll who wanted a brawl

So he pushed Humpty-Dumpty and made him fall

All the Kings Horses brought all the King’s men

But the troll scared them all away again

The troll didn’t win, on that hot summer day

For the Very Hungry Caterpillar came to play

He ate up the troll, then ate up poor Humpty

And still its stomach felt empty.



  1. Brenda said,

    very clever! 🙂 I like it

  2. Cecily said,

    Very Hungry Caterpillar indeed!!

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